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The American Sexual Health Assocation is a trusted source of reliable information on sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases/infections.

Sexual health is about much more than body parts and infections. It’s a key part of our overall health and no wonder, since it affects our minds and bodies, families and communities, even our spirits. Sexual health touches on everything from the quality of our relationships to what goes on when we visit the medical clinic. It involves talking to our kids about safer sex, giving and getting respect from our partner, and recognizing we have a right to the sheer joy of pleasure.

Sexual health is nothing new, of course, but what’s changing is our awareness about how much it impacts individuals and society. There’s no on/off switch, either, so sex and sexuality are vital throughout our lifespan. Young or old, gay or straight, male/female/transgender. We’re all human. We’re all sexual.

Our most basic advice is: